Get help to get started with AI

Don’t miss out on a historic opportunity for value creation in YOUR ORGANISATION and YOUR JOB with AI. Get help to get started with AI now – contact us for a talk, workshop, consulting or case production. We would love to help!

Dive into the Future: AI Inspiration Talks

Embark on a transformative journey with our AI Inspiration Talks, where Silvija Seres talks about the potential of AI for your job and organization. Whether it’s an intimate board event or a grand thought leadership stage, our presentations will both help you ignite the AI spark within your team, and help them understand the basic concepts and methods of AI. Get ready to be inspired and acquire the insights needed to harness AI in these fast-evolving times. Learn more at

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Deliverable: On-stage talk

Format: Online, Offline, or Hybrid, in english or norwegian, potentially streamed, saved and reused

Audience: Employees, Partners, Customers

Group Size: From 10 to 500 participants

Booking: From Athenas at

Strategize with Purpose: AI Intention Workshops

Join our AI Intention Workshops for a collaborative deep-dive into how AI can revolutionize your organization. Silvija Seres leads these strategic sessions, guiding groups through key questions to unearth AI’s potential for your business. We will discuss the most attractive aspects of AI for your team, and the most challenging parts. We will aim for 2-3 concrete AI projects by the end of the workshop, owned and championed by your team as a whole. Start your AI journey with clear intentions and actionable plans.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Deliverable: Group workshops

Format: Online, Offline, or Hybrid

Audience: Your employees or members

Group Size: Up to 10 groups of 10 participants each

Booking: Contact Athenas at

Achieve Excellence: AI Implementation Consulting

Transform strategic challenges into compelling AI roadmaps with our AI Implementation Consulting. Spend a day with Silvija Seres and your leadership team to explore AI’s opportunities and craft strategies that resonate with your industry and team’s unique dynamics. We believe that speed is no replacement for direction – and together we can find the optimal AI direction for your organization. Let’s turn your vision into action.

Duration: 1-5 days

Deliverable: A 5-page report of a recommended AI product and project roadmap

Format: Online, Offline, or Hybrid

Audience: Your thought leaders and leadership team

Group Size: 5-10 interviewees from your leadership or innovation groups

Booking: Email us at for a quote and availability.

Showcase Your Vision: AI Case Studies

Showcase your AI ambition with our custom AI Case Studies. From in-depth analysis to strategic recommendations, we help you articulate your AI vision for internal education and brand enhancement. Elevate your organization’s AI dialogue with this tailored podcast series, bringing your strategic insights to life. Our cases are produced to support the latest strategic trends in education: they use online learning platforms, include gamification of education, support AI tutors and assistants, perform big data analytics, implement adaptive learning technologies, experiment with virtual and augmented reality, use blockchain for certification, drive collaborative learning, assume mobile-first education, with cloud-based educational resources.

Duration: 1 week for preparation, production, internal marketing and initial distribution

Deliverable: 3 thirty-minute long podcasts with your own AI voices

Format: Digital or studio recording

Group Size: 3 interview guests

Booking: Get in touch at for a quote and availability.

Enhance Your Knowledge: Bulk AI Prints

Complement your AI journey with our insightful AI papers, available for bulk order. Perfect for workshops, seminars, or as educational material, these papers are your gateway to deeper AI understanding.

Price: NOK 50 per item (postage not included)

Ordering: Confirm alongside other service bookings. Specify the topic (with the paper code, for example NP 07.42), the postal address for delivery, and the delivery date. We will organize the production and shipment through our printing partner.