We have worked with the topics below in most of the portfolio companies. We do not actively seek to work with external companies, but may do so when appropriate.

 Evaluator in areas of IT and energy


The Team

We rely on a network of international partners, across leading academic, governmental and business institutions, and combine management and board experience with technology sector expertise.

The resulting market insights, contacts and domain-specific knowledge are used as catalysts to help build effective and inspiring companies. We love disruptive technology entrepreneurship.


Other projects

  • FSN Capital – Industrial advisor
  • Alliance Venture – Member of executive network
  • Norwegian Board Institute – Lecturer on innovation in the boardroom
  • Alarga – Member of advisory council
  • Technology council of Norway – Advisor to the Norwegian government on technology and future society
  • Majors Challenge – Judge in a global Bloomberg Philantropies project
  • International Management Group – Advisor to the Serbian government on talent management
  • Enoro – Member of Strategic advisory board in a nordic merger project
  • Transparency International – Member of the board
  • Digital Gaming Commission – Member of State commission focusing on future law
  • StartupNorway – Mentor at the CEO summit
  • Norwegian Research Council- Expert project evaluator in areas of IT and energy

Business Plans

Innovation Management

Marketing Strategy

Market Repositioning

Talent Attraction

Company Presentations

Sales Management

Product Management

International Expansion